How to Buy Used Tires – Guide


We have 2 thousands of  Tires in Orlando and Kissimmee. All tires are used in a perfect condition.  If you are looking to buy a set of tires and save money, buy our used tires online.

Our main warehouse is located in Downtown Orlando and has about 2000 tires of different models, sizes and brands.

All used tires are available for online sales or local pick up in Kissimmee and Orlando.

Our tires normally have about 80-95% of tread remaining and perfect for usage. Even though these tires are like new, they are still sold as used.

We carry tires which are look as used and have an excellent condition. Most of these tires are from vehicles that visit their dealer shop. Are you ready to upgrade or change the look of your car?

Our Used Tires in our tires shop are inspected prior sale. All Plugs are placed on area in which tire is leaking. Our used tires store in Orlando has very strict policies as to what used tires to sell. Our goal is to satisfy your needs with used tires that will last without any problems. We provide a warranty on all used tires to ensure your satisfaction. Due to our prices and availability of used tires in Orlando, clients recommend us to others. We have about 47 rare sizes that are not easy to find at other local tire shops in Orlando. Some tires a run flat and fit to your BMW or Mercedes.